Family Mediation

Would you like to be able to resolve your differences without going to court? Then family mediation might be the answer for you.

Family courts now expect you to have seen an approved mediator before approaching them. At Robert Barber we will sit down with you to discuss whether you feel mediation might be the best option for you.

Mediation is flexible and keeps you in control and can produce solutions tailored to your circumstances. It is likely to be significantly cheaper and quicker than using more traditional routes.

Our Accord family mediation service has helped many people work out their own solutions at their own pace. Our mediators will not take sides but will make sure you are able to say what you need to.

Why not find out more without obligation?

At Robert Barber we understand that there is more to it than the text book answer and that you as a person need to be comfortable with the solution. While trying to avoid expensive and fruitless confrontation, we will act firmly and positively to secure the right result for you.


“Simply cannot stress how pleased we were with the Hucknall Office overall”
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