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Need will advice because someone has died? At Robert Barber you can gain independent and practical advice when someone has died, with or without making a will. We offer initial free, no obligation appointments.

We can provide practical advice, support and guidance in cases where loved ones die with or without leaving a will.

  • Are you facing bereavement and the tragic loss of someone close to you?
  • Are you facing difficulties handling and managing their property and estates?
  • Are other people making demands of you to which you do not know the answers?
  • Are you anxious about aspects of a will of someone who has recently died and feel concerned about its provisions?

You will find that some situations can be handled in a straight-forward way while others can be more complicated and demand more assistance from us. We will undertake for you, as little or as much of the work as you and your family wish us to do.



About Robert Barber

With comprehensive modern technology and a thoughtful and innovative approach, we will help solve your legal problems economically and as smoothly as possible.


0115 878 9000West Bridgford
01773 787 878Eastwood

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